My Cowork Hub Experience

Monday the 17th I started my work trial with Co Work Hub for a apprenticeship. Cowork Hub is a company that provide affordable and quality office space on flexible terms. Different businesses work side by side altogether in one place. Before I found out about Cowork Hub I didn’t no that something like this existed. Based in North Acton the area is great too lots of shops. Even had Papa Johns for lunch the other day. Transport is key in London and it’s definitely easy to get here, takes me only 30 minutes by bus.


Working at Cowork Hub has been way better than expected. It’s officially the last day of my trial and I feel good, not as much nerves as usual but that could be the coffee lol. Being at the front desk on my first day could have been the reason as I got to say hi to most people and also got a tour where I could introduce myself.

Office Life

As I’ve never worked in a office environment I was kinda worried at first. On TV office workers are portrayed as miserable so it was a surprise to see that everyone was so nice and happy. Even the way the offices are laid out is not cramped or squashed but very spacious. Plus there’s table tennis and a pool table that I can’t wait to try. Being this is a co-working company it was funny to actually understand what it is like and what the company is about. Also hearing about some of the different companies that I didn’t even think was needed as a business.

Hope for the future

Since I’ve come for my trial I’ve had to do some posts on social media. Which I honestly didn’t expect to be starting from this early really.  Going around and taking pictures has been fun even though my camera on my phone barely works I’ve seemed to be able to pull it off (I hope lol). Instagram seems to be my favourite so far now. Hoping to do more of this and learn how to blog properly. And end up being really good at it.

So far I do feel very positive about Cowork Hub and feel like I could fit in really well.

Alexandria. J

Co Work Hub